About Us


We are Unclaimed Property Hunters. We discovered the truth of how deep and how secret a lot of sources of unclaimed money can be and we share these findings with you.

It is unbelievable the amounts of money laying around unclaimed simply because people do not know it’s there. We are not talking about the unclaimed money held by the STATE Unclaimed Property Divisions – that type is mostly well-known and it is the only source ever discussed in articles or news stories you may see online and on television.

We are talking about unclaimed property and money that is not turned over to the State.

In just ONE county, there could be a different website for each of the following entities that hold on to unclaimed money… Civil Court Proceeds, Tax Deed Sales Surplus, Sheriff’s Office Unclaimed Money, Bankruptcy over-payments, Property Tax Refunds, and on and on. There are MANY sources of unclaimed money being held by county level entities and most of them never turn that money over to the state held unclaimed money department, so unless you know where to look, you will never find that money.

Bankruptcy money, child support, tax refunds, foreclosure sale excess, insurance benefits and much much more. There are literally billions of dollars sitting there unclaimed, year after year for one simple reason:

YOU do not know it is there and no one will ever come looking for you to give it to you unless they have a vested interest in doing so.  What does this mean?

There are private investigators and unclaimed property locators who purposely seek out this time of unclaimed money, perform searches to locate the person to whom the money is owed and offer to assist the person in claiming it for a percentage of the unclaimed money. They are perfectly legitimate and typically ask for payment only after you recover your unclaimed money.

As a full disclaimer, we do that as well. Since we are in the business of providing assistance to people looking for unclaimed money through our website, we are constantly in possession of lists and sources of unclaimed money. Occasionally, we do search for and contact people and offer our assistance. It is always voluntary because people do not need us to find the money. These are all public records, available for everyone to find… you just have to know where and how to find it.

If we took the time out to research you, locate you and contact you… you can be sure we found unclaimed money in your name, and likely a significant amount because we typically would not search for anyone owed less than $5,000.00

Join Us and Find your unclaimed money now!